This universal trap is not only suitable for codling moth or fruit tortrix, but also big moth like Leopard Moths are caught.

No more sticky fingers by sticky inserts of delta traps. This trap acts as a funnel, so that moths which are in it, can no longer escape. The moths are then killed by a insecticide strip (per trap 1 is included and works for 1 year).

Environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to the classic delta traps. These funneltraps can be used for many years.

Price: 16,5 €

Delta trap 

The delta trap is a pheromone / lure trap for catching all kinds of flying insects. The trap is red in color so it does not attract flies etc. The dimensions of the ground surface are 20 x 20 cm and the trap is 11 cm high. The Delta Trap comes with three sticky papers, which can be used to monitor for an entire season. With the supplied sturdy mounting wire, the trap can be hung in a tree or shrub.

Price: 9,- €
Extra sticky papers (set of 3 pieces) Prijs: 3,5 €

Insecticide strip

To kill the moth caught in the Funneltrap. 1 Strip will work for 1 year. You need 1 strip/trap.

Price (4 pieces): 6,- €

Apple sawfly (Rebell-type) 

With these white sticky traps, you can catch apple, pear and plum sawfly. These traps are developed by the Swiss Research station Wädenswill. Use 2 - 3 traps/ha. One set consists of 8 traps.

Price: 28,75 €

Cherry fruit fly trap (Rebell-type) 

With these yellow sticky traps, you can catch the cherry fruit fly. These traps are developed by the Swiss Research station Wädenswill. One set consists of 8 traps.

Price: 28,75 €

Trap for Xyloborus dispar 
This specially developed trap in Switzerland gives a good overview of the flight curve of this beetle.
A complete set exist of one botle and one sticky trap.
Use as bait cheap commercial grade denatured ethyl alcohol 94% with 1% toluol. You can buy it in a drugstore.
Fil the bottle up to 1/3: 1 part water + 1 part alcohol.
For following the flight: use 1 trap per 0,5-1 ha.
For control use 8 traps per ha.
User manual is added.

One trap exist of 1 bottle and 1 sticky trap. You must order them seperate:
The bottle can be used every year, the sticky trap must be renewed.

Price sticky trap (8 pieces): 28,50 €
Price bottle (1 piece): 8,75 €

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